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Easily Configurable Workflows and Approvals

Support unique and complex workflows as well as conditional approvals provides the capability to automate account payable operations and quickly address exceptions.

TranscendAP provides configurable and complex workflows and PO matching business rules, including conditional approvals, to provide the capability to streamline accounts payable operations and quickly identify and address exceptions.

  • Build Approval Workstreams within TranscendAP, or utilize your existing HR hierarchies and workflows through integrations with your ERP
  • Automated exception notifications and alerts which initiate resolution of invoice discrepancies to reduce backlog and improve invoice processing timelines
  • Configurable invoice routing rules based on PO line match types
  • Notifications initiated directly from TranscendAP to business users for invoice resolution, including time stamp and communication history within TranscendAP. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and manual invoice status tracking.
  • Ability to approve invoices directly from approver notification emails or via phone
  • Customize invoice Statuses to align with business processes and needs

Learn how TranscendAP’s AI-powered platform can support your business.