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Sophisticated Exception Handling and Escalations

Flexible, configurable workflows and approvals accelerate accounts payable processing while tracking exceptions and ensuring they are managed promptly.

Depending on the type of the Invoice (i.e. PO-based, non-Po based, Credit Memo, etc.) our platform has built-in rules for identifying and managing exceptions and escalations. Examples of these are:

  • PO 2-way and 3-way matching logic – if the PO does not pass the matching algorithm – it is automatically sent to the PO Exception Queue
  • PO Waiting for Receipts- if the Receipts are missing, our platform provides a PO Wait State Queue that can look for incoming receipts and update the status when full receipts are provided.
  • Non-PO approval flow enables the ability to run approvals through an integrated workstream that can run serially or in parallel.
  • SLA Escalation exceptions enable the platform to auto-route and escalate invoices once the time is triggered.

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