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2, 3, and 4-Way PO Matching

Intelligent capture combined with real-time ERP integration provides the capability to match and efficiently process a broad range of POs and non-PO invoices.

Easily configurable business rules for matching process provides the capability to match and efficiently process PO and non-PO invoices as well as streamline communication between AP and business users for exception resolution.

  • Configurable logic to align matching algorithms with your internal business rules and processes
  • Exceptions can be identified using configurable business rules to meet your business needs
  • Work queues for invoices pending receipts, including automated real-time matching process when receipts are entered
  • Ability to match one invoice to multiple purchase orders
  • Ability to match invoices to purchase orders with a combination of PO line match types on one purchase order
  • Ability to process both PO Credits and non-PO Credit memos

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