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Join TranscendAP and Tungsten Automation for a hands-on webinar that is specifically designed for higher education institutions.

In this session, we’ll delve into how automating your AP workflow can unlock significant benefits such as:

  • Cognitive Capture (AI & ML) of Invoices: Say goodbye to manual data entry! We’ll show you how our intelligent technology automatically extracts and categorizes invoice data for seamless processing.
  • Automated Validation: Eliminate errors and ensure accuracy with automated invoice validation against purchase orders and pre-defined business rules.
  • PO Invoice Automation: Streamline your process for purchase order invoices with automated matching, approvals, and payments.
  • Non-PO Invoice Processing: Handle non-PO invoices efficiently with a user-friendly system for routing, approvals, and timely payments.
  • Dashboards & Reports: Gain real-time insights into your AP spend with comprehensive dashboards and reports for better financial control and decision-making


Jeffrey Weinstein – President and CEO

Simon Yelsky – Chief Product Officer

On-Demand Webinar